Tyler Golf Club hosts Golf Kickoff

Originally published: March 17, 2015

TYLER – As part of an effort to promote the sport of golf, The Tyler Golf Club will host the first annual Golf Kickoff Event on Saturday.

Clubhouse doors will open at 6 p.m., followed by a meal, auction and presentations at 7 p.m. The cost for the event is 20 dollars.

The kickoff is intended for adults to enjoy a night out in support of youth golf.

“Families have a limited amount of discretionary funds that they are going to spend on leisure and sports,” said Jeff Hansen, who serves on the club’s board of directors. “We look at free youth memberships, free youth lessons, youth tee boxes and family tee boxes as a way to help promote the sport and gain the interest of young people in the sport.”

Youth memberships at Tyler Golf Club have grown from 23 in 2011 to 108 in 2014 thanks to financial contributions from John and Margie Bornhoft.

According to Brandon Novak, president of the Tyler Golf Club board of directors, the Bornhofts have been instrumental in the promotion of youth golf in the area.

Not only have the Bornhofts aided in youth sponsorships, but they also have served on various committees at the golf club.

“John and Margie approached us a few years ago about sponsoring the youth membership costs, which led to working with them on the setup of the U.S. Kids Golf Family Course in Tyler,” said Novak. “Now, they are working on the Golf Kickoff Event committee to help raise money and subsidize youth lessons and equipment.

“They realize the importance of the promoting the sport among youth golfers and young families and have been a great asset to the course.”

As a progressive approach in engaging young families and kids in the sport of golf, the Tyler Golf Club is designating Sunday nights as family nights, meaning all golfers can play from the forward tees.

The board of directors recognizes that the success of the sport at a local level depends on the club members and course patrons.

“The best way to grow that interest is to involve the youth and broaden the current and future customer base,” Hansen said.

“Every year, there are increased costs in operating a golf course, yet we pride ourselves on keeping our membership costs affordable and competitive so that anyone can enjoy the game.”


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